Global and Local Giving

Holston Conference Tithe – Through our worldwide denominational involvement, we support a variety of special needs both here and abroad, such as homes for children and the elderly, hospitals, schools, numerous missions projects and missionaries in many parts of the world. The tithe is paid to the Holston Annual Conference as a mission offering of 10% of our undesignated giving.

The Advance – Beyond the Holston Conference Tithe we give as a congregation, we are also active in supporting other mission needs. Some of this support is directed toward world, national, Conference-initiated specials, and United Methodist Committee of Relief (UMCOR). Some ministries that are supported with these funds are The Bethlehem Center in Chattanooga, TN; The Mustard Seed Ministry also in Chattanooga; Emerald Youth Foundation in Knoxville; The Grace Orphanage in South Sudan; Wesley House in Knoxville; Sprouting Hope Community Garden in Marion, Va.; The Jubilee Project in Hancock County, TN; Project Crossroads in Marion, Va.; our conference colleges: Tennessee Wesleyan, Hiwassee, and Emory and Henry College; Ishe Anesu in Zimbabwe; Liberia’s 142 UMC schools for children; The UMCOR Sager Brown Depot; Lake Junaluska Assembly; and the Mexico Medical Mission, of which this congregation is a major sponsor. A full list of this year’s Advance projects, along with their project numbers, is available here.

Monies given to the Advance in addition to the Tithe help our church be a 5-Star Giving Congregation, which we are. This is a special designation for churches with a high commitment to missional support. See the description below. Some ministries are supported by both the Tithe and the Advance because just one would not be enough funding to support it. Individuals can give money to the Advance by giving a donation in the offering plate and marking it for the name of the project. You can also give by clicking on the GIVE button at the top and bottom of any page on this website to utilize the online giving feature. Simply note the name or number of the project you wish to support in the memo section. Again, a list of the current projects and their designation numbers is available here. Further information can also be obtained by calling the church office at 423-365-6324.

5-Star Giving – Churches who are willing to take the extra step to support missions and missionaries are able to become 5-Star Churches. Spring City United Methodist is one of those! The way this happens is through 5 steps:

  1. Pay tithe in full and give at least $25 in categories 2 through 5
  2. Give to at least one International Advance
  3. Give to at least one U.S. Advance
  4. Give to at least one UMCOR Advance
  5. Give to at least one Conference Advance

Again, you may select any Advance project from this page and help continue the excellence in giving started by this church many years ago in the area of mission. When many of us contribute, much can be done!

Youth Service Fund – Our youth support the YSF as it aids youth directly and indirectly to have a better chance in life. Projects are both within the bounds of Holston and internationally through grant applications to programs. Examples of those include The Bethlehem Center, The Grace School, and ministries to youth in local churches.